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How I became an economist

Inspired by the autobiography of Paul Samuelson in the, telling his story of more than 90 years. I humbly also would like to record my own one here.


I was trained as an economist at Chiang Mai School of Economics (Thailand) during 2001 – 2005. Economics was my first choice (actually the only one) when I was apply for the higher education in Thailand. Initially I was always aiming to study engineering but my performance in Physics was not so well.  Despite the fact that I might still try to go for it. When my guidance teacher told us to think about what would we like to be. Then go for the subject (faculty) that will make you so. I imagined myself as an engineer doing work with construction. That the first time I realised that I don’t want to be an engineer. It was a trend that a boy who doing well in Math should go to the engineering school. And that was not my way.

to be continued …

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