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ECON 444 – Urban Economics


This course is about the economics of cities and related problem including logistics, supply chain, housing, and sustainability. At CMSE, the code of this course is ECON 444. The course is taught in English.

Cities As Engines Of Economic Growth by the World Bank Institute


  1. Introduction
    Prezi presentation
    Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 03.30.58
  2. Cities and Economics
    Geography and Development (2001) Journal of Economics and Geography 1, pp.81-105.
    Prezi presentation
    Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 03.27.31
  3. Urban structure
  4. Land uses
  5. Public and private goods
  6. Urban Logistics (Mid term)
  7. Urban Tourism
  8. Urban Happiness
  9. Green Cities
  10. Cities in 2020: Creative City
  11. Urban Planning





Students will be taught how to analyse urban economic problem with Spatial Econometrics technique using a free and open-source software, R.


Another resource for spatial analysis for urban economics with R is also provided by CSIRO’s

Analysing spatial point patterns in ‘R’ with a handbook in pdf format.

Useful links


Bedtime readings

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