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Supply Chain Economics

Supply Chain Economics refers to an analysis of economic behaviour in the supply chains. The followings are some other sources related to supply chain economics.

Supply chain economics encompasses supply chain economics governance, supply chain strategies, supply chain collaboration, supply chain forecasting and supply chain equilibrium.

  • Supply Chain Economics Research Centre (SCERC) [html]
  • International Journal of Supply Chain Economics (IJSCE) [html]
  • International Journal of Logistics Economics and Globalisation [html]
  • The Economics of Supply Chain Contracting [pdf]
  • Supply Chain Economics and Industry Models [pdf]
  • Supply Chain Economics course added to FCBA [html]
  • ISYE 4803 Supply Chain Economics [pdf] [homepage]
  • Economics of the Switchgrass Supply Chain: Enterprise Budgets and Production Cost Analyses [pdf]
  • Supply Chain Network Economics [html]
  • Economic Impact of Inadequate Infrastructure for Supply Chain Integration [pdf]
  • Construction Supply Chain Economics [Google Book]
  • Economics of the Oil Supply Chain [html]
  • Economic study of medical isotope supply chain [pdf slide]
  • Transportation Economics/Supply chains [WikiBooks]
  • Balancing Responsiveness and Economics in Process Supply Chain  Design with Multi-Echelon Stochastic Inventory [pdf]
  • Achieving Supply Chain Excellence by Balancing the Economics of Production with the Economics of Cooperation [html]
  • Disrupting Supply Chain Economics [Blog]
  • An industrial organization economic supply chain approach for the construction industry: a review [pdf]
  • Product Reuse Economics in Closed-Loop Supply Chain Research [pdf]
  • Chains of gold: Modern supply chains are making it easier for economies to industrialise [html]
  • Supply chains changed the growth model [html]
  • Experimental Economics and Supply-Chain Management (by Croson, Rachel and Donohue, Karen) [html]
  • Supply-Chain Economics by Beth Bacheldor (in InformationWeek) [html]
  • Network Economics by Anna Nagurney [pdf]
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Network Design: A Multicriteria Perspective by Anna Nagurney [pdf]
  • Economics Analysis of International Supply Chain: an Internationalization Perspective [html]
  • Multiproduct Supply Chain Horizontal Network Integration:
    Models, Theory, and Computational Results
    by Anna Nagurney, Trisha Woolley, and Qiang Qiang [pdf]
  • Economic Impact of  Inadequate Infrastructure for  Supply Chain Integration [pdf]
  • Experimental Economics and Supply-Chain Management by Rachel Croson • Karen Donohue [pdf]
  • Times 100: Supply Chain Economics [html]
  • Economic Study of Medical  Isotope Supply Chain [pdf]
  • The Economist Examines Supply Chain Risk [html]
  • Value chain profitability [pdf]
  • Supply Chain Network Economics: Dynamics of Prices, Flows, and Profits, by Anna Nagurney  reviewed by Terry L. Friesz [html]
  • Product Reuse Economics in Closed-Loop Supply Chain Research by Atalay Atasu1, V. Daniel R. Guide Jr.2 andLuk N. Van Wassenhove [html]

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