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Logistics and Supply Chain Conferences



Management Conferences in Supply Chain

  1. EurOMA Venue: Dublin, Ireland Date: July, 7-12th Abstract deadline: TBA
  2. POM Venue: Denvor, USA Date: May, 3-6 Abstract deadline: TBA
  3. ISL Venue: Vienna, Austria Date: July, 7-10 Abstract deadline: 28 January 2013
  4. IPSERA Venue: Nantes, France Date: March, 24-27 Abstract deadline: Competitive papers: October 24, 2012 Working/Practitioner Paper: November 20, 2012 Doctoral Paper: November 1, 2012
  5. MSOM: 28-30 July, France
  6. AOM: OM division Venue: Date:
  7. BAM: Operations, Logistics and supply chain track Venue: Liverpool, UK Date Abstract deadline:

Economics Conferences related to Supply Chain

  1. ISNIE 2013
    Florence, Italy
    20-23 June
  2. EARIE 2013
    Évora, Portugal / 30 August-1 September 2012 [link not activated as the site is currently not available]
    Host: University of Évora CEFAGE-UE
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