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Academic and technical writing techniques

Here are some good suggestions on academic and technical writing.

  1. Mathematical Writing [pdf]
    by Donald E. Knuth, Tracy Larrabee, and Paul M. Roberts
  2. Preparing for the dissertation and the dissertation process [pdf]
    by Maria Carlson
  3. Common writing mistakes that I hate[pdf]
    by Frank E. Ritter
  4. Guidelines on writing a good paper  [pdf]
    by James R. Wilson
  5. Common errors in technical writing [html]
    by John Owens
  6. How to Publish in Top Journals [html]
    E. Kwan Choi
  7. The young economist’s guide to professional etiquette [pdf]
    Daniel Hamermesh
  8. This Is Not An Article [pdf]
    Carsten Sorensen
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