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Recommended Logistics and Supply Chain Textbooks

I have got a question from a new coming student in MSc Logistics & Operations Management at Cardiff Business School about the textbooks used in our school.

When I was studying this course (2007/8), these are what I have to read.

1. Operations Management

2.Logistics & Supply Chain Management

3. Lean Operations

4. Transport & Logistics Modelling

Moreover, I would like to suggest other great books on Logistics & SCM as followings.

Supply Chain Management 

A great book that offers a wide range of aspects around supply chain management, written by various well-known academics such as Martin Christopher (Cranfield),  Mo Naim, Stephen Disney and Denis Towill (Cardiff) and Paul Cousins (Manchester)

More: Book review, Oxford University Press Link, Google Book

Lean Thinking


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  1. cool #

    thank you so much cuz your infomation is useful =)

    September 14, 2011

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