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Brand new(?) Lean Principles

In the closing keynote of the EurOMA2011 conference last week, Prof. David Upton from Oxford University presented six lean principles from his research on lean applications and implementation of an Indian Company. In this longitudinal study, Prof. Upton has investigated how this firm adapted classic lean principles and made their own version.

Here are what I have noted from his presentation.

The Six Principles

  1. Eliminate waste in all its form:
    Not only Ohno 7 wastes but apply for any unnecessary activities and efforts.
  2. Specify our work
    Understand the nature of the works in all aspects e.g., process, inputs, outputs
  3. Structure Communications
    Details about what, when, how and where to communicate e.g., Cc to stakeholders.
  4. Address problems quickly & directly
    e.g., No to do list, No bug directories and use scientific methods
    Directly means do it whenever, wherever, by whoever (Who found the problem fix it! even the CEO can fix the shop-floor problems)
  5. Plan for an incremental journey
    – No need to have a big bang improvement
    – Start from small target/goals
    – Codify the results
    – Keep looking for the new way to work
  6. Engage Managers
    – Mid-level leaders must train people (not lean consultants)
    – Senior leaders must be long-term, visible, believable champions
    – Avoid improvementitis and Airport book-of-the-month
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