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5 Trends in Operations Management Journals

According to the “Meet the Editors” session at EurOMA2011, here are 5 trends in OM research.

1. Longitudinal analysis
Due to the dynamics of the business, studying a phenomenon over periods is become more critical.

2. Uses of objective data
To reduce measurement errors in surveys, objective data e.g., financial data may be considered

3. Triangulations
To be sure a creditability and reliability of data and so the results, especially in qualitative research, multiple source and analysis methods are essential.

4. Interdisciplinary
The world is complex, hence OM truth could be explained via the lens of other disciplines such as economics or marketing or even biology.

5. Go beyond a dyad
Even though supply chain research has been recognised for a couple of decades, seldom has actually investigate the whole chain or network.
The whole chain here, I refer to “from raw materials to the end customers.

However, the main stream traditional OM research is still valid as long as they can make marginal contributions to the literature and conducted properly.


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