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Quantitative Research Methods for Policy Analysis

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Course description

The role of quantitative analysis in public policy analysis and evaluation; quantitative research design; data collection and measurement; data description, descriptive statistics, measures of dispersion; probability, different quantitative techniques, introduction to statistical inference; hypothesis testing, null hypothesis, logic of testing, sample t-test; cross-tabulation, comparisons of group means, chi-squared statistics; correlation and its usefulness; regression, bivariate regression, assumptions of regression analysis; and empirical policy analysis


  • download course syllabus (1/2019) here
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Main textbook

  • Quantitative Research Methods for Political Science, Public Policy and Public Administration: 3rd Edition With Applications in R
    by Hank C. Jenkins-Smith Joseph T. Ripberger Gary Copeland Matthew C. Nowlin Tyler Hughes Aaron L. Fister Wesley Wehde

    • Book website (open textbook library) link
    • PDF link

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Suggested readings

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Mostly Harmless Econometrics

Mostly Harmless Econometrics

Open Data

  • Access World Bank Data with R link

Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Tukey, John (1977) Exploratory data analysis. (Link )
  • Peng, Roger. Exploratory Data Analysis with R (Link)
  • Data Camp. Exploratory Data Analysis in R with Case (Link)
  • Wickham, Hadley. Exploratory Data Analysis. R for Data Science (Link)


External Reading

  • Party government and policy responsiveness. Evidence from three parliamentary democracies. Journal of Public Policy (paper, data)
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