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ECON742 – Supply Chain Economics

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Course Description
Supply chain economic governance, supply chain economic strategies, supply chain economic collaboration, economic forecasting for supply chain management, and economic equilibrium in supply chain.

Teaching time: Monday & Thursday 14:30-16:00

Venue: ECB3201, Faculty of Economics, Chiang Mai University

Communication Channels:

Course Objectives:
Students are able to

  1. Understand Supply chain economic governance
  2. Conduct economic forecasting for supply chain management
  3. Analyse supply chain economic collaboration
  4. Analysis economic equilibrium in supply chain
  5. Design supply chain economic strategies

Course Contents

  1. Supply chain economic governance
  2. Supply chain economic strategies
  3. Supply chain economic collaboration
  4. Economic forecasting for supply chain management
  5. Economic Equilibrium in Supply Chain


  1. Research Review (Individual work: 20%)
    Write a review of Oliver Williamson’s paper titled “Outsourcing: Transaction Cost Economics and Supply Chain Management” providing a summary and critiques on the contribution of this paper to supply chain economics and limitation of the paper (Word limit: 2,000 words).
    Submission due date: 28 February 2020
  2. Case study report (Group work: 30%)
    A group of 3 students write a case study of a supply chain of any product of your choice on supply chain governance, strategy, collaboration and offer supply chain solution.   (Word limit: 3,000 words)
    Submission due date: 30 April 2020
  3. Final exam (50%)
    • 5 open-ended questions on 5-course contents
    • 10 marks each question
      Exam date: 2 May 2020: 12:00- 15:00 ( venue TBA)


  • A: >= 80%
  • B+: 75-79%
  • B: 70-74%
  • C+: 65-69%
  • C: 60-64%
  • D+: 55-59%
  • D: 50-54%
  • F: <=49%


Supply Chain Governance

Class activities: In a group of 3 students, read Mentzer et al’s Defining Supply Chain Management and discuss the benefit of supply chain Management and relations to Economics

  1. Defining Supply Chain Management (link)
  2. CSCMP’s Glossary . link

Supply Chain Strategy 

What is the right supply chain for your product? (link)

Supply Chain Mapping




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