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Econ304 LM test1

Econ 751304
Date: 17/01/2014
Time: 09:30-11:00


Conduct the following tasks and post R code and report in your WordPress blog named “17 Jan test on Linear Model”

1. Use “attitude” dataset which is in the datasets package

2. Conduct a descriptive analysis of all variables and write a descriptive report
3. Produce boxplots and histogram of all variables and identify if each one is positive or negative skew
4. Set hypotheses (H0 and H1) to compare means of two pairs of variable. And Conduct a t-test to statistically test if they are different. And write a report.
5. Develop a regression model to predict “rating”. Try to add one by one independent variable. And use anova(model1, model2) to check if you can statistically improve the model. Then write a report.

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