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What is interesting research?

Interesting research is what researchers often expect to see from journal papers or conference presentations. But what is interesting research? Recently I found a paper on this issue by a well-known researchers in SCM/OR/MS, Gérard P. Cachon. His paper entitled “What Is Interesting in Operations Management?” based on his talk in MSOM conference in 2011 saying that interesting in OM is the “Unexpected”. He also presented some examples as followings.

  1. What Was Thought to Be Complex Is Really Simple
  2. What Was Thought to Be Simple Is Really Complex
  3. What Was Expected to Be a Small Effect Is Really a Large Effect
  4. What Was Thought to Be a Large Effect Is Really a Small Effect
  5. What Was Thought to Be a Large Effect Is Really Much Larger
  6. What Was Thought to Be Easy Is Really Hard
  7. What Was Assumed to Not Be a Problem Is Really a Problem
  8. What Should Improve Performance Really Harms Performance

Open Access Peer-Reviewed Journals for Business and Management Research especially in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Currently, the issue of Open-access academic journals is becoming a hot issues driven by The Guardian and then followed by The Economist. Personally I agree that publicly funded research should be available without any extra monetary cost. Hence I have searched for a good peer-review journals in business and management where logistics and supply chain scholars can publish their work. These will be an options to publish in the place where quality and fairness are both in place.

  1. BuR – Business Research (Germany) – Well-known editorial board in Operations and Information System e.g., Daniel R. Guide, Jr., (Pen. State U, USA, Co-editor of JOM),
  2. International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management (UK)
  3. The Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods (UK)
  4. Logistics Journal (Germany)
  5. Research Journal of Business Management (USA)
  6. M@n@gement (France)
  7. Asian Journal of Management Research (India)
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