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My EurOMA 2011 Presentation

Just before I forgot the event, I’d like to share my experience in one of the most distinguish Operations Management in the world.

This year, the conference has set a new bar with highest number of abstract submitted, papers orally presented, PhD students in the doctoral seminar and conference delegates.

There are 20 parallell sessions through out the two very intensive days.

My presentation was in the session called “Performance Management in Inter-firm Relationships” which I also chaired. There are three presentation, mine was the last one.

In the beginning of the session, there were only session presenters and few friends in the room. However, just minutes before my turn, more and more audiences was joining the session. Most of them were those of senior academics. Moreover, most of them asked me a questions or two or more. However, they were positively constructive.

I believe that I responded them well due to their feedbacks. The questions were about the measurement and the discussion on the unexpected results.

You may find the slides in this link.
Just note that this was the second time I use LaTeX to create the slides.

useR Conference 2011 – Timetable

Next month I will have a chance to present how I use R to conduct a structural equation model in my thesis to the expeRts. And now the tentative timetable was just released.
Similar to EurOMA, I will be the last on the first day, just before the dinner.

Here is the link for the timetable.

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