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Tourism Conferences 2012, 2013, 2014


  1. Taking responsibility for the visitor economy: Events, tourism, hospitality, sport, leisure and the local community
    Leeds, UK


  1. World Research Summit for Tourism and Hospitality
    Florida, USA, 15-17 December 2013
  2. The 3rd Advances in Hospitality and Tourism Marketing & Management Conference
  3. Celebrating and Enhancing the Tourism Knowledge-based Platform: A Tribute to Jafar Jafari
  4. 4th Conference of the International Association for Tourism Economics (pdf)
  5. 2013 Annual TTRA International Conference
  6. 18th Annual Graduate Education & Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism
  7. Geography of Tourism Conference
  8. International Conference on Tourism, Transport and Logistics (ICTTL)
  9. APTA
    Bangkok, Thailand, 1-4 July
  10. Word Convention on Hospitality, Tourism and Event Research & International Convention & Expo Summit 2013 (Double bill!!)
    25 – 28 May 2013
    Hosted by: Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand


  1. International Conferences on Tourism (ICOT)
  2. 2012 ATLAS Business Tourism Special Interest Group Conference in Lugano

Logistics and Supply Chain Conferences 2013

Management Conferences in Supply Chain

  1. EurOMA Venue: Dublin, Ireland Date: July, 7-12th Abstract deadline: TBA
  2. POM Venue: Denvor, USA Date: May, 3-6 Abstract deadline: TBA
  3. ISL Venue: Vienna, Austria Date: July, 7-10 Abstract deadline: 28 January 2013
  4. IPSERA Venue: Nantes, France Date: March, 24-27 Abstract deadline: Competitive papers: October 24, 2012 Working/Practitioner Paper: November 20, 2012 Doctoral Paper: November 1, 2012
  5. MSOM: 28-30 July, France
  6. AOM: OM division Venue: Date:
  7. BAM: Operations, Logistics and supply chain track Venue: Liverpool, UK Date Abstract deadline:

Economics Conferences related to Supply Chain

  1. ISNIE 2013
    Florence, Italy
    20-23 June
  2. EARIE 2013
    Évora, Portugal / 30 August-1 September 2012 [link not activated as the site is currently not available]
    Host: University of Évora CEFAGE-UE

Logistics & Supply Chain Conferences in 2012

Here is a list of international academic conferences on Logistics and Supply Chains.
If you have more, please kindly provide such information in the comment box or email to
1. 4th World Conference on Production & Operations Management
Venue: Amsterdam, Netherland
Date: 2-4 July 2012
More info: Website

2. Academy of Management, OM devision
Venue: Boston, USA
Date: 3-7 August 2012
More info: Website
3. MSOM Society Annual Conference and SIG Workshops
Venue: New York, USA
Date: 17-19 June 2012
More info: Website

4. British Academy of Management (BAM),
Interoraganisation track & Logistics and SCM track
Venue: Cardiff, UK
Date: 11-13 September 2012
More info: Website
5. International Symposium on Logistics (ISL)
Venue: Cape Town, South Africa
Date: 8-11 July 2012
More Info: Website

The Ryan Air CEO – Kell Ryan

The last, but by no mean the least, keynote in the EurOMA2011 was the one that keep me in the conference closing ceremony.

I must confess that I wasn’t jotting down his speech that much thanks to his outstanding charisma.

However, what I could take away from his keynote were two things, how to turn your business around and how to turn the attention of the audience especially in such a large scale.

The former was so obvious. As we have learnt that Ryan is a Low Cost Airline (LCA) or No-Frills Airline but they are not the pioneer. They was first launched as a Full-service airline in Ireland and almost gone down due to a fierce competition in the aviation industry that offer them the £20M in red. However, they took the LCA business model from the South West Airlines and successfully adapted in Europe. Then Ryan Air got a profit of £125,000 for the first time.

Though it looks too simple, the way they had transformed from to an LCA, it was to do with the decision making & decision maker literally. Here are what Ryan is all about.

  • Cost reduction in every possible area by changing habits of all staffs. This will affect all decision makings e.g., airport selection, process design and routing strategy.
  • Operations champions: reduce turnaround time, maximise the use of the cabin/ seats.
  • Price competitive esp. with their main rival, EasyJet. Revenue pricing is one of the key.

Apart from the tough LCA sector offered by EasyJet, there are several external threats in the aviation industries that RyanAir is facing which are;

  • Fuel price
  • Tax esp. Air Passenger Duty (APD aka. green tax)
  • Terrorism

In the very last part of his keynote, he strongly critique the APD introduced in the Brown’s administration as the major threat of the aviation industry. He further compared to the similar tax employed in the other countries and other sectors that he claimed that have more CO2 emission.

What can Thai LCA can learn from RyanAir probably is the implementation of the business model. LCA is not just a brand, operations strategy of the LCA firms need to be strictly implemented and never loose the focus on cost reduction. As Kell Ryan mentioned in the beginning of his keynote.

” If you want to fly, Come to RyanAir. If you want to dine, just go to the others”

Conference in Honour of Peter Swann (OBE)

A great but free conference on Industrial Economics at Nottingham Business School, UK.

Here is the information

A Picture from Guardian

Conference in Honour of Peter Swann (OBE)

15 – 16 September 2011

Conference Organisers: Giuliana Battisti, Stephen Thompson, Paul Windrum

To mark the recent retirement of Professor Peter Swann this conference celebrates his highly distinguished career, as both academic scholar and policy advisor. Peter has made significant intellectual contributions in the economics of innovation, championing the development of research and understanding of demand and wealth creation; innovation and sustainability; industrial and technology policy; and industrial clusters. He has held several advisory positions with government, including specialist advisor to the House of Lords Committee on Science and Technology. Peter was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for Services to Business and Economic Policy. As well as providing intellectual leadership, Peter has been an inspirational teacher, and a supportive and encouraging colleague over the course his career at London Business School, Manchester Business School, and Nottingham University Business School.

Speakers at this two day conference are:

Robin Cowan (University of Strasbourg)
Bronwyn Hall (UoC Berkeley)
Stan Metcalfe (University of Manchester)
Paul Stoneman (Warwick Business School)
Martha Prevezer (Queen Mary, University of London)
Naresh Pandit (Norwich Business School)
Cristiano Antonelli (University of Turin)
Paul Nightingale (SPRU)
Daniel Birke (Innovation & Analytics)

Attendance: There is no conference fee.
To attend the conference, contact Carole Winson. Please be aware that places are limited.

Location: The conference will take place in the North Building of the Business School on Jubilee Campus (building #1 on this map).

Travelling to Jubilee Campus: Click for travel information.

Local Hotels: Click for hotel accommodation information.

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