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Chiang Mai listed as one of The World Best Festival City


Last night in Suvahnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, I walked pass the Asia Book and spotted the new book by National Geography. As the cover above, the book collect 220 great destination on the planet. Yes, I quickly flipped to the index and was looking for “Chiang Mai”. As expected, I found it on the page 48. It shows as the picture below.


With a closer shot, the famous travel media named “Chiang Mai” as on of the Best Festival City as:

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Songkran festival (April 13 through 15) began as a purification ritual in preparation for the Thai New Year. Today, it’s the world largest water fight. Expect to be doused.


Followings are images you may find by searching “Songkran & Chiang Mai” in Google.

Screen Shot 2557-12-04 at 3.40.55 PM

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