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Blogs on Supply Chain Management and Economics

Here is the list of good academic blogs on Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Economics I found worth following. Please do not hesitate to suggest me if you know other good one.

And of course, you can follow my blogs on SCM as well, just by subscribing via WordPress, Facebook Page, or Twitter. (See the bottom of the website. 

  1. Supply Chain View from the Field
    by Robert Handfield
    A blog by a well-known SCM academic, all SCM students should recognise his name
    “Producing graduates that are prepared to tackle supply chain management issues with analytical problem solving, practical skills and the ability to execute.”Rob Handfield is the Bank of America Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management, and Consulting Editor, Journal of Operations Management. He serves as Co-Director of the SCRC along with Clyde Crider.
  2. The Operations Room
    by Marty Lariviere, Gad Allon and Jan Van Mieghem
    Kellog School of Management
    “The Operations Room is a forum for discussing current topics in operations management (OM). We have no particular agenda but are looking to identify interesting strategic and tactical developments in the field. Along the way, we aim to create a catalog of articles on OM topics that is useful to both the Kellogg community and a wider set of readers.”
  3. Managerial Econ
    by Luke Froeb, Michael Ward, Brian McCann and Mike Shor
    About Economic Analysis of Business Practice, ranked as one of the top blogs by professors
  4. Organizations and Markets
    by  Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein, Richard Langlois, Lasse B. Lien
    Organizations and Markets was created in April 2006 by Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein, professors with research interests spanning organizational economics, strategic management, entrepreneurship, innovation, the economics of institutions, and the history, philosophy, and sociology of science. Foss teaches management at the Copenhagen Business School and Klein teaches economics at the University of Missouri, giving the blog an international and interdisciplinary orientation.”
  5. Greg Mankiw’s Blog
    The author of a comprehensive and popular Economics Textbooks, also good job on blogging mostly with not too long posts. Providing general curent news on Economics, recommended for Economics students.

However, there are many professional blogs as well. Some have listed good SCM blog as follows.

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