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BAM2011: Meet the Editors

Group & Organization Management

  • The published paper should be up to the level which decided by reviewers
  • Firstly screen

British Journal of Management

  • Sent the paper if it is substantial. Even it is not, please also send them and the journal will tell you how to make it so.
  • All back-log papers were published last year, so if your paper accepted


  • First journal that publish the review
  • 300 submission last year
  • Reject quite a lot. 10% accepted
  • Don’t tick the box “empirical works” in the Scholar One system
  • Also publish other materials that related to your work online to help

Qualitative Journal on Organization Studies (???)

  • Also publish some quantitative works
  • Also interested in special issues

Journal of Managent Studies

  • Top 2 in UK and EU
  • 2000 submissions a year
  • Worldwide Editorial Board, UK EU USA & Asia
  • What we are looking for
    – Rigour  -> literature, Method. Present
    – Relevant -> current debate , policies
    – What make papers really interesting _> Don’t make readers sleepy
    – Area: Strategic, Entrepreneurship, HRM, Organization Psychology
  • A conference celebrate the 58th year of the journal (the lodest in the MGMT field)

Q & A

Q: Journal Ranking?


  • Maintain Quality of the journal first and the rest will take care themselves.
  • Not only looking to the rank of the journal only but should submit your work to the RIGHT journal
  • Before submit to the journal, please read the mission and description of the journal.

Q: Contribution of review paper? -> IJMR
A: Not just a summary but raise the Methodological issues, Future trends of the subject

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