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BAM2011 Live Blog 01 – Doctoral Symposium Day1

Here is the note of the British Academy of Management a.k.a. BAM 2011, the 6th conference I attend this year, at Aston University, Birmingham. I will attend several workshops and discuss my working paper in a research conversation session in the doctoral symposium as well as present my paper in the main conference at the track of inter-firm relations.

5:11pm Registration at Aston University, Main Building

5:31pm Check-in at Aston Conference (Aston Business School Building)

6:01pm Keynote by Prof.Tim Clark (University of Durham and BAM president) on ‘Prospering in your PhD and Beyond. Here are his suggestions for PhD students especially in Management.

  • Don’t scare to contact people (academics) and seek for advise.
  • Understand your contribution as early as possible.
  • Be confident on your contributions (either in theories or practices)
  • Simplify your ideas (in the thesis).
    – You should be able to summarise your thesis (research) in two sentences.
    – Being a mouse giving birth to an elephant  NOT vice versa
  • Maintain your focus
    – Developing yourself on advanced training internally and externally
  • Make your research relevant and interdisciplinary
  • Whilst attending a conference,
    – Making contributions right away just by asking questions in the conference.
    – Meeting as many people as you can. You may find your co-authors in a conference.

7:15pm Symposium Dinner, Lakeside Conference Centre  

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