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useR Conference 2011 – Timetable

Next month I will have a chance to present how I use R to conduct a structural equation model in my thesis to the expeRts. And now the tentative timetable was just released.
Similar to EurOMA, I will be the last on the first day, just before the dinner.

Here is the link for the timetable.

Mahalanobis Test in AMOS

Analysis Properties -> Output ->

Tick on the box of “Tests for normality and outliers”

Then you will find the Mahalanobis d-squared with p1 and p2 in the “View Text”
by go to -> Observations farthest from the centroid (Mahalanobis distance).

Steps to run SEM

There are several books discussing about how to perform SEM.

Here, I will illustrate those steps from my experience in papers and thesis.

1. Conceptualise the model or set the hypotheses
2. Operationalise the measures in the model
3. Get the data (primary or secondary)
4. Check the data i.e., normality, reliability
5. Fitting measurement model (latent variable model)
6. Fitting the full model (structural model = measurement + path analysis)
7. Access model’s fitness i.e., fit indices,

Optional steps

8. Modify model e.g., modification indices
9. Check common method bias
10. Bootstrapping

More details in each step will follow soon.

1 June 2011
D46, Aberconway, Cardiff, UK

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