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Useful resources for writing C++ code in Mac using Xcode

During 18-20 April 2012 I am attending the course on “C++ for beginner”. The course mainly based on Window OS. To remind myself I here posted some useful link for C++ in Mac using Xcode.


How to run an executable file

  • In Xcode, an executable file is in the product folder below the main folder (the one that contains main.cpp file) in the left-hand side section.
  • The file name is the project name (without any extension).
  • Here are the step to run the file
  1. Right click on the file -> select “Open in finder”
  2. Launch the Terminal
  3. Type “cd” in the Terminal and Drag the folder that contains the file to the Terminal
  4. Type “./” and the project name  followed by the requirement for the program

Testing a new Mac OS Lion

Just out now.
I will install and review it here soon.


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