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4eds of the Bible for PhD (or research) students in Business & Management

Yes, I mean the famous “Business Research Methods of Bryman & Bell.
Now its 3e has arrived on my shelf with a special thanks to the Oxford University Press.

A sneak peak on this edition.

  • Colour theme in Blue! (It’s red in the 2e) – could make you feel more relaxed whilst reading it.
  • Very same structure with the 2e, 1.general, 2. Quanti-, 3. Quali-, 4.Mixed methods and e-research.

NEW features

  1. “telling it like it is” – insights for students and lecture on the important issues in research methods.
  2. New (revised & expanded) sections e.g., case study, mixed methods & e-research (named as internet research in 2e)

more detailed reviews will be posted soon.

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