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List of Free Online R Tutorials


According to the post on FREE online R tutorials from universities, I have received many email suggesting more and more tutorials. However some tutorials are not hosted in an academic institutes, so I decided to create this post to list such tutorials. If you know other tutorials, please kindly suggest me by email to or post the link in the comment section.

A list of R tutorials, which are hosted in the webpages of academic institutes can be found here.

The tutorials are listed  in no particular order but categorised by subjects and/or topics.

General guides

  1. R Wiki
    Documentation about R contributed by the R community
  2. Quick-R
    by Rob Kabacoff
  3. R Programming
    by Wikibooks 
  4. How to use R
    by Wikiuniversity
  5. R4stats
    R for SAS and SPSS Users
    – R for Stata Users
    by Bob Muenchen
  6. Programming in R
    by  Vincent Zoonekynd
  7. R programming for those coming from other languages
    by John D. Cook
  8. Cookbook for R
    by Winston Chang (Not related to Paul Teetor’s R Cookbook!)
  9. A short introduction to the R programming language
    by Leibniz-Rechenzentrum
  10. The Guerilla Guide to R
    by Nikhil Gopal

VDO/Audio tutorials

  1. Twotorials
    More than 90 Two minute tutorials on several topics 
    by Anthony Damico
  2. The R-Podcast
    by Eric Nantz
  3. R language for Statistical Computing
    by  Sentiment Mining Research Center
  4. A list of Videos on Data Analysis with R: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Resources
    by Jeromy Anglim

Subject specific

Economics & Econometrics

  1. Forecasting: principles and practice (Online Book)
    by Rob J Hyndman and George Athanasopoulos
  2. Econometrics in R (CRAN)
    by Grant V. Farnsworth


  1. R in Ecology and Evolution
  2. Ecology and Epidemiology in R
    by Various authors


  1. Using R for Personality Research
    – Introduction to R [slide]
    – R: Statistics for all of us [slide]
    by  William Revelle
  2. Learning R for Researchers in Psychology
    by Jeromy Anglim

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